Suning Cross-border Payment Granted the Hong Kong Licence for Money Service
07 19, 2021

NANJINGChinaJuly 19, 2021 In recent days, Suning Financial Services (Hong Kong)Co., Ltd was granted the “Licence for Operating Money Service” in cross-border payments in Hong Kong. Suning Financial Services also obtained their third cross-border “pass” for international payments, followed by their payment license and VISA QSP certification. Such certifications further support overseas business expansion.

The approval of “Licence for Operating Money Service” in Hong Kong means it officially obtained permission to execute cross-border remittance and exchange business in Hong Kong. This lays a solid foundation for the next stage of overseas financial business deployment. The successful approval of the “Hong Kong Licence for Operating Money Service” marked that Suning Cross-border Payment has officially obtained permission to carry out cross-border remittance and exchange business in Hong Kong, laying a solid foundation for the next stage overseas financial business deployment. Suning Cross-border Payment, the first and only payment institution in Jiangsu Province holding cross-border foreign exchange payment business qualifications, expanded its business to the United StatesEuropeJapan and other regions. It covers key industries such as goods trade, international logistics, air tickets, hotel accommodation, etc. Additionally, it supports cross-border foreign exchange settlements in 10+ mainstream foreign exchange currencies and RMB, distributing funds in 220+ countries and regions. It also has the fastest T+0 arrival of funds in the world.

Suning Cross-border Payment has always supported Suning International. The program of Suning International, “one-stop solution for overseas brands to enter mainland China,” relies on its own multi-channel, multi-sector advantages and free trade zone resources, providing brands with cross-border strategy consulting services, customized retail solutions, global trade and other services. The program continues to win Suning International recognition from overseas brands.